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Audio Induction Loop Design, Installation and Testing

Audio Induction Loop Design, Installation and Testing

We have expertise in the design, installation and testing of Induction Loop systems and the associated equipment required to make them perform properly.

We design and install loops to comply with IEC60118-4 and as such we ensure that the following 8 Key Requirements are met:

  1. The system increases signal to noise ratio (compared with using a hearing aid without a loop)
  2. The system provides suitable area coverage for the application (are all "audience" areas suitably covered)
  3. The system is not susceptible to interference from background noise (background noise reduces signal to noise ratio and reduces the effectiveness of the loop)
  4. The system generates the correct field strength (loop field strength must be within a specific range, too strong or too weak reduces the effectiveness of the loop)
  5. The system provides an even field strength (loop field strength must be uniform across the "audience" area, quiet corners or loud areas should be avoided)
  6. The system provides a flat frequency response (the loop must deliver uniform field strength across 500Hz, 1kHz and 5kHz frequencies)
  7. The system is accompanied by clear signage to indicate its presence to potential users (hearing aid users should not have to ask whether a loop is installed. Clear signage assists with this)
  8. The system can be operated and maintained by venue staff (does the venue have an induction loop testing device? is there anyone who knows how to use it, is there a schedule in place to ensure the system is tested regularly?)

Each Induction Loop system is unique and presents its own requirements and challenges so please do give us a call and we will arrange a free of charge consultation meeting with you at the venue to discuss your requirements.

Do you have an existing loop system that you think may not be performing as well as it should? If so, give us a call, we can carry out a full system test to check whether your system is performing in compliace with IEC60118-4, after the test we will issue you with a certificate of compliance or details of why the system isn't compliant along with suggestions as to what changes can be made to make it compliant.

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